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Thread: Savage Impulse Rifles, What calibers do you want to see?

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    Super GunNutz 9.3 Hunter's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    I like them but, my Rem 7 in 284win weighs 5.5lbs with Leupold 3x9! no thanks but they are kewl rifles and good price really compared to a Blaser etc.

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    CGN Regular hannibal.black98's Avatar
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    Apr 2019
    Quote Originally Posted by flyinlead View Post
    Iím scratching my head over why the big game and hog hunter would have 20 moa rail?
    They make only 2 different receivers with this rifle...long or short action, all coming with a 20MOA rail...doesn't hurt if you don't need/use a 20MOA rail but it has one...but nice to have one built in if you do want it!
    Glock people... *face palm* - Valaden (I love it!!!) ---- In NO way and at NO time is your airsoft gun ever a "beast" LOLLL ----
    Team 7.62x51mm - Multicam Black Gang - .45Auto holes > 9mm holes -

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    Canada, who would of guessed it. More Specific, B.C.
    Quote Originally Posted by hawk-i View Post
    So, I've been thinking about this rifle and got to ask...what advantage would this really have over a Remington 7600?
    More of european thing because or "tradition" and gun law prohibiting semi. Driven hunts are very popular so you want a quick firing gun, why not pump or a level? (I've read this may be a bit where "tradition" comes in)

    I've also ready somewhere (so take it with a grain of salt) that some european countries limit the amount of firearms you can own. As a result some european straight pulls make it easy (expensive) to allow more calibers to work around this.

    A semi auto is quicker, and the straight pull hunting rifle mainly exist to skirt regulation, similar to the canadian straight pull ar I've heard of. That said I've also wanted to try some straight pulls.

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    Newbie pepplerchoad's Avatar
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    Oct 2019
    Near Ottawa
    I was thinking .223/5.56. I have a 7.5 swiss straight pull, and I love it. I'd love to see what a Savage straight pull would be like!

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    Nov 2009
    Id take a predator in 308 right now on the spot

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