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Thread: Answering phones.......?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gr33zi3 View Post
    I returned a revolver to them, a commercial, non registered 8mm French Lebel they sold as antique that wasnt antique. Couldnt get it verified because it was missing letter prefix on serial, etc. I didnt learn this until a year or 2 later when I tried to sell it. I informed Tradeex... Was told id get a refund -20% stockin fee. Sent the gun back. The refund? It never came lol

    I moved on from them.
    Dear Bruce,
    I am actually glad that you posted so that this can finally get settled. Also please allow me to point out the following for clarification:

    -the Antique revolver with holster was purchased in August of 2017
    - October 2019, you mentioned your concern of not being able to have it verified, and wished to return it.
    - Feb 4, 2020, we received the returned Antique revolver, but without the holster.
    -We issued a check on Feb 26th with restocking fees due to the time lapse and missing holster and mailed it out to you. The check/envelope was later returned with a yellow return to sender sticker from Canada post (moved / unknown). We still have he envelope here for your reference. In case of doubt I can gladly take a picture of it and send it to you.

    -I am now discovering that you have different addresses on file: May I suggest contacting Linda in accounting so that the payment can get re-directed to the proper address.

    -FYI: when the revolver came back, I had it verified by an RCMP firearms tech, who confirmed the antique status on it.

    Clearly we are both at fault here for lack of communication and lack of follow up.

    Sincerely, Anthony
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    lol. i love it when the full story is told.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryang5177 View Post
    lol. i love it when the full story is told.
    3 sides to every story.....
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