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The Geissele Super 700 is a revolutionary drop-in trigger upgrade for the Remington 700 series rifle that provides the shooter with an unprecedented level of adjustability. Setting the Geissele Super 700 trigger apart is the capacity to be configured as a single-stage or a two stage-trigger by the individual user. Even better, Geissele designed the Super 700 so you can select the distribution of the total pull weight between the first and second stages. You can set up the pull exactly the way you want it...and change it any time your needs change.

The Super 700 is based on the trigger Geissele developed for the U.S. Military’s SOCOM Mk 13 sniper rifle system, so reliability and consistency are "baked" right into the design. And so is safety: when the Super 700’s safety lever is flipped to "safe," three key trigger components are locked down: the trigger itself, the internal mechanism, and the transfer bar.

Can be set for a single- or two-stage pull
Total pull weight can be adjusted from 12 oz. to 3.5 lbs. - comes from factory set at 2.5 lbs.
Two separate sears for two-stage operation (not a "fake" first stage just from spring pressure)
Overtravel is adjustable, too
Triple-redundant safety mechanism
Machined, honed & polished from aerospace-grade alloys
The Super 700 trigger bow is machined from a high-strength, corrosion-resistant copper-aluminum alloy that holds exceptionally tight tolerances. The sear components have Geissele’s Nanoweapon coating, which prevents corrosion, is highly wear-resistant, and naturally extremely slick.

The Geissele Super 700 takes America’s most popular bolt action rifle and makes it even more adaptable to your shooting needs. Whether you use your 700 for hunting, competition, law enforcement, or benchrest shooting, you’ll discover why the folks at Geissele are calling this trigger the "Smile Maker"!