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Thread: We are moving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by derrick1978 View Post
    So, this business is no longer paying to advertise on the forum, but are using the forum to raise money for a legal defense fund? Smart guy - this Rick.
    OHHH Make NO mistake, Rick is still paying to be on this forum. If he did not pay he would not be on here at all.
    He just made a very logical business decision to cut back on his advertising budget to increase what funds he has to help pay the lawyers that are fighting on OUR behalf.
    You DON'T take on the government for chump change. Top of the heap lawyers cost top of the pay grade money and when you are fighting the Federal Government you hire the very best, just as the Feds will fight back with their very best but on the taxpayers dime.

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    A reasonable thing to do when you are asking for donations and paying lawyers!
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    BE PREPARED - Noah didn't build the Ark when it was raining!

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