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Thread: Buying experience at Tenda

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    Quote Originally Posted by FyreFighter View Post
    Well, when your descriptions say "Excellent condition", "grade 1" or similar language alongside pictures of nearly pristine specimens and then seemingly send the worst specimens (what's the opposite of cherry-picking?) to the mail order customers because the in-person customers won't buy them, that tends to upset some folks and rightly so. And they get more upset when their complaints seem to fall on deaf ears. The customer may eventually get satisfaction but it leaves a bad taste in people's mouths.
    Little rust or pitting gets a whole new meaning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by remington jim View Post
    That has NOTHING to do with my POST ! RJ

    Sure it does. It is about trying to work out the situation amicably without needing to involve courts and judges over $30. You said:

    Quote Originally Posted by remington jim View Post
    WOW ! Whoa up a BIT i think ! Reversal of transfer subject to litagation over $28.00 up chg for mailing ? Surely this could be worked out ! LOL RJ

    My point is that if the reversal is allowed to happen, a seller will refuse to work something out.. it goes back on the shelf and the next customer takes it. Whereas if you can prevent the reversal by informing the CFO that there's some disagreement about the transaction, the seller has to try and work something out. They can't wash their hands of you.

    OK - I misunderstood what you were trying to say ! You have EXPLAINED it NOW ! lol RJ
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    I've ordered many things from Tenda over the years and when you order 100 year old surplus you run the risk of not getting exactly what your expectations are but overall I have been happy with the them and the items being shipped in a timely manner.
    Ty Tenda

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    As always, communication is excellent, and and great service and prices.
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    Order placed Jan. 22nd

    Shipping label created Feb. 2nd

    Package still not picked up from warehouse. Feb. 9th

    I'm pretty sure this will be my last order at Tenda

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    Every store I was in yesterday was short of staff, Covid problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by scianna54 View Post
    Little rust or pitting gets a whole new meaning.
    I've bought a couple of milsurps from Tenda and they didn't let me pick them over in person. They basically said it's all old and used so take it or leave it.

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    Tenda still has the best deals on bulk 9mm with free shipping

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    I can’t believe there are 25 pages to this post.

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