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Thread: Buying experience at Tenda

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    I've had only positive experiences with Tenda, typically the best prices in GTA. Shipping is slower than others, but I only discovered them post covid, so I'm not sure if they can take all of the blame (I'm looking at you Can Post). I'm also somewhat local and do in store pick up, if I don't qualify for free shipping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JBD View Post
    my experiences have been positive. The complaints I am seeing are with the product which like almost all firearms retailers they do not allow returns. The same thing could happen from Canadian Tire or wherever.

    You are not buying a gun from Costco there is far more regulations regarding the sale of firearms to selling 5 gallons of laundry detergent.
    I guess youíre missing all the ones where they donít have items in stock that they say they do?

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    I've never had anything shipped from Tenda as I used to work 5 minutes from the store. They're a 25 minute drive from where I live, so (until Covid lock-downs) I honestly looked forward to driving down there and poking around. Always found what I needed, and usually left with something I didn't really need...but couldn't pass-up.

    Based on how eager they are to help in-store, how willing they are to let you handle whatever gun/optic you want to see (I avoid this temptation) I find it hard to believe they're not trying their very best with shipped orders. They appear to have allot invested in inventory, and it's one of the few stores that seem to have all the "hot ticket" guns on display that you see people fired-up about here on CGN.

    Not saying they haven't messed-up or that any of the complaints aren't valid, but what I see as an in-store customer is this-they're working hard, they're hustling to serve customers and do it with a very positive, enthusiastic attitude. I hope the errors/mistakes/unwanted substitutions etc. are all "Growing pains" and that they've tightened that all up.

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    Ordered ammo, got it in the same week! so all good on my side!

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    In my opinion you measure a business not by how they react when everything goes as it should, but by how they react and treat customers when mistakes are made on their end. Everyone makes mistakes, there is no shame in that, its how you handle yourself when mistakes are made that is the difference. I have made multiple orders with many of the retailers advertising on this site, and some of them have made mistakes and how they have handled the situation after making a mistake is why I keep going back to those businesses. Tenda is not one of them. YMMV.

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    I used to work at Wholesale Sports - sort of Tendaish, probably bigger. I saw all kinds of "bad customer experiences" some real, some blown up, some no fault of ours. Some ppl hated us, some loved us, and some just took us for what we were - a big volume retailer that sold a lot of everything and didn't really specialize in anything. Tenda is fine. I have probably a dozen or more transactions worth 5k or more and they all worked out "in spec".

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    I have been happy with Tenda until they shipped me a rifle with missing parts(half a gas system). Sent them an email and I've been waiting for an answer from them for 2 days as of right now. How long does it take to get an answer from them ?

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    I have made several orders from Tenda Canada. Never had an issue.

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    Ordered products that were out of stock before and they shipped me one of greater value after contacting me. Great service and generally good prices!
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