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Thread: Buying experience at Tenda

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    Just ordered a set of Burris rings not in stock anywhere else in Canada. Hopefully works out ok.
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    ordered ammo that went on sale a few days later so i emailed them and they issued me a store credit.
    ordered again from them and i got EXACTLY what i wanted and EXACTLY as described.very happy with them so far.
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    Been happy with Tenda. Recent ammo order was shipped quick and 100% correct. And I'm glad thry use UPS for ammo cause Canpar sucks balls.
    WTB full semiautomatic assault rifles, double barrel extended magazine clips, 30 magazine clips (half second or better), shoulder things that go up and high power ammo that can go through walls.

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    * Free shipping on ammo when you spend $300 or more.

    That alone is a big win for me especially when they have competitive or better prices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Buggle View Post
    How many threads does one need on this topic lmao?
    After every bad one there has to be a posotive one.

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    ^two up^ yep that is the way to attract my business. Too bad stock is low right now.

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    Ordered a rifle after the OIC came into affect, it was delivered within 2 weeks and they answered all my questions. Would do business with them again without hesitation.

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    I've never had a problem with them. Occasional problems with long shipping times, but thats on the shipping company, not them!
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    I was reading he reviews by them when I ordered my ammo in dec,beer, it was sometime since I heard anything about my order and shipping times after I ordered. Turns out delivery was the next day or two and the shipping notification emails were in my junk folder. I donít have any complaints either, their a good place to order from. Ordered from a few times now without complaints.

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    Quote Originally Posted by supernova View Post
    Been happy with Tenda. Recent ammo order was shipped quick and 100% correct. And I'm glad thry use UPS for ammo cause Canpar sucks balls.
    I am scared ####.... to get another UPS order. Just last week they left 500 rounds of 9mm on the sidewalk even though it was clearly marked no delivery without signature. The driver signed for it hiimself. Just lucky my neighbour alerted me. UPS is taking no action after my complaints.

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