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Thread: Buying experience at Tenda

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    Made a few orders over the years with no issues , i have not done any returns or exchanges with them though , that's the true test.

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    joi gin

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    They have nice posters in the washroom.....
    joi gin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackmacnw View Post
    I am scared ####.... to get another UPS order. Just last week they left 500 rounds of 9mm on the sidewalk even though it was clearly marked no delivery without signature. The driver signed for it hiimself. Just lucky my neighbour alerted me. UPS is taking no action after my complaints.

    This has happened to me twice now, 500 rounds 6.5cm
    And a handgun on my porch most of the day. Thank God it didnt disapear. (Not from Tenda)

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    Quote Originally Posted by btabin View Post
    Sells product that isn't in stock, ships incomplete orders and marks them as complete, will change products in your order without your knowledge or consent, poor shipping practices with restricted firearms, avoids answering customers until they post on the forum here, etc.

    Yeah, sure hard to give examples eh.
    Are you talking about your own experience(s)? Sounds like you don't learn from your mistakes.
    Don't worry, go plinking, be happy!!

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    Last order from them was Black Friday, everything arrived within a reasonable amount of time.
    No issues.

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    I've heard about a lot of people having bad experiences as well, however, I've ordered off of them multiple times and never been let down. Great customer service from my experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikehenrybell View Post
    People trash it because it's a Chinese run business. I'm always happy to shop there plus $300 free shipping is really something
    "free shipping" - until they email you after placing an order, letting you know they can't ship to me (even though I have gotten orders from UPS/Canpar often)

    Tenda sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scatter.John View Post
    Tenda seems to have been talking some heat lately about customer service, so I thought I'd share my experience. This being my third or possibly forth order from them I have always had AMAZING shipping times, and fast responses to emails with there customer service team. If that as well as their great prices isnt enough, this most recent order I asked that they include a print out of their favorite meme(casue I'm a troll), and they threw in 4 pages of memes for me to laugh at. Nice.

    Top notch company, I recomend them to everyone
    That's awesome! I've had nothing but good experiences shopping at Tenda as well.

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    OK , I have to admit this as it P!z'z me off a little. ok A LOT
    I will try to convey the details of my order and the saga of events.

    As my previous post to this thread. I had never had an issue with Tenda..

    And with CANPAR too

    So I placed the online order Jan 13th roughly $1200 including $10 Insurance and $45 dangerous goods charge
    aside from reloading components primers , bullets, gun oils , 3 1lb bottles of powders and some other items.
    I also ordered a 1440 crate of 762 x39 (66lbs )
    The big thing I ordered was a Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Prep Center that was listed as IN STOCK

    Jan 19 checked on my order status with 2 different tracking #'s through CANPAR and they didnt work.
    Called Tenda to inquire LONG period of waiting on hold ( I HATE BEING ON HOLD !)
    Apparently the order was still sitting there not shipped yet . I was then told because the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Prep Center was NOT IN STOCK
    SO WHY didnt someone there call or email me to inform me ? instead of just letting the order sit in limbo ?
    After a odd discussion about inventories vs their website and weather I wanted to wait for the Prep center or Credit it back to my account.
    I chose to credit it back just to get the rest of the order out asap.
    So I get's the notifications for the credit from Tenda for the prep center via email, YET to see the credit transaction the my bank .... as of Jan 22
    Jan 19 I get 3 lbs of powders delivered, great I think but where the rest of the stuff
    Jan 19 Next Email from Tenda was for 3 different tracking #'s WTF ?
    Jan 21 I checked the tracking / request text updates via Canpar website all numbers stated in trans to destination by END OF DAY, by 6 pm no delivery
    7:15 pm Canpar tracking text for all 3 numbers, " Package at Smartspot for pick up "
    No one came to my door or even tried to deliver it. I Paid for delivery WTF !

    Now this morning I gotta drive probably 4 klm's to their pickup location to pick up something I PAID FOR DELIVERY TO MY HOME !
    I dont know why, I dont give a ratz butt why They should have delivered it PERIOD

    I am going to find out why .

    Tenda not so frikin happy customer
    Canpar what can I say might as well be SWIFT transport

    OK Rant done , I feel so much better dam I need more coffee
    Teach Peace Love & Reason

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