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Thread: Buying experience at Tenda

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    Quote Originally Posted by road.ripper View Post
    OK , I have to admit this as it P!z'z me off a little. ok A LOT
    I will try to convey the details of my order and the saga of events.

    As my previous post to this thread. I had never had an issue with Tenda..

    And with CANPAR too

    So I placed the online order Jan 13th roughly $1200 including $10 Insurance and $45 dangerous goods charge
    aside from reloading components primers , bullets, gun oils , 3 1lb bottles of powders and some other items.
    I also ordered a 1440 crate of 762 x39 (66lbs )
    The big thing I ordered was a Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Prep Center that was listed as IN STOCK

    Jan 19 checked on my order status with 2 different tracking #'s through CANPAR and they didnt work.
    Called Tenda to inquire LONG period of waiting on hold ( I HATE BEING ON HOLD !)
    Apparently the order was still sitting there not shipped yet . I was then told because the Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Prep Center was NOT IN STOCK
    SO WHY didnt someone there call or email me to inform me ? instead of just letting the order sit in limbo ?
    After a odd discussion about inventories vs their website and weather I wanted to wait for the Prep center or Credit it back to my account.
    I chose to credit it back just to get the rest of the order out asap.
    So I get's the notifications for the credit from Tenda for the prep center via email, YET to see the credit transaction the my bank .... as of Jan 22
    Jan 19 I get 3 lbs of powders delivered, great I think but where the rest of the stuff
    Jan 19 Next Email from Tenda was for 3 different tracking #'s WTF ?
    Jan 21 I checked the tracking / request text updates via Canpar website all numbers stated in trans to destination by END OF DAY, by 6 pm no delivery
    7:15 pm Canpar tracking text for all 3 numbers, " Package at Smartspot for pick up "
    No one came to my door or even tried to deliver it. I Paid for delivery WTF !

    Now this morning I gotta drive probably 4 klm's to their pickup location to pick up something I PAID FOR DELIVERY TO MY HOME !
    I dont know why, I dont give a ratz butt why They should have delivered it PERIOD

    I am going to find out why .

    Tenda not so frikin happy customer
    Canpar what can I say might as well be SWIFT transport

    OK Rant done , I feel so much better dam I need more coffee
    So...having read that, the problem with Tenda involved stock on some reloading tools, and otherwise complaints about CanPar? Yes, courier companies tend to suck...some in one part of the country, some in others. I tend not to blame the retailer for shipping problems unless they actually did something wrong though. If I had to guess, I would say that the refund problem is a staffing issue. I would always be cautious about allowing new staff authority to refund, and covid has caused some problems with consistent staffing. But that's just a guess.

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    Order placed on February 16th and pistol arrived today... Thanks Tenda for the fast service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scatter.John View Post
    Tenda seems to have been talking some heat lately about customer service, so I thought I'd share my experience. This being my third or possibly forth order from them I have always had AMAZING shipping times, and fast responses to emails with there customer service team. If that as well as their great prices isnt enough, this most recent order I asked that they include a print out of their favorite meme(casue I'm a troll), and they threw in 4 pages of memes for me to laugh at. Nice.

    Top notch company, I recomend them to everyone
    Good for you doesn't negate the negative experience that the rest endured

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    Bought several firearms and lots of ammo from them...

    The only thing I can complain (back then) is that they shipped ammo Campar... not sure if they have switched to some other carriers...

    otherwise they shipped my stuffs out super fast and didn't see any quality issue...

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    I can’t say I had much luck as some on here, first order they send the wrong part and my second order I made over a week ago was finally shipped, not a big deal but still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by todbartell View Post
    "free shipping" - until they email you after placing an order, letting you know they can't ship to me (even though I have gotten orders from UPS/Canpar often)

    Tenda sucks
    Care to elaborate why they cant ship to you? They have shipped to me just fine, I live in Alberta but its not remote.

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    Ive only ordered from them maybe 5 times in last 3 years. I can't complain about their service although I'm not exactly sure how much one can screw up (get me the wrong gun?). I do like the fact that they send me 3 paper targets with the packing slip (probably only worth $1-2) each time I order +$300 in ammo. Its not a huge cost of business but I wish other dealers did the same.

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    Its been a mixed bag for me. I'm still waiting on shipping confirmation for an order placed Friday lunchtime. My first order for them was for a Henry Single Shot that was listed as a youth model, but they did a ####ty copy/paste job with product descriptions as it was not actually a youth model. I didn't want to return the gun outright, so they said they would hook me up with some free swag on my next order - which was Friday. So we'll see what kind of "free swag" I get, once they get around to putting my stuff in a damn box and slapping a postage label on it...

    How this current outstanding order (and my free swag) gets handled will determine if I like this company or not.
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    Have had numerous orders go through without so much as the slightest issue. Few calls i made to them were pleasent.

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    I'm just going to take this opportunity to leave a negative review about CGN members:

    "I had a bad experience one time" CGN'er: gIvE tHeM aNoThEr ChAnCe wHaT dO yOu ThInK tHiS iS cOsTcO?

    "I have had multiple bad experiences" CGN'er: tHeN WhY wOuLd YoU gO bAcK yOu DeSeRvEd iT.

    "It frustrates me that they list items in stock online, and fail to update me in a reasonable time" CGN'er: tHeIr In-pErSoN SeRvIcE iS gReAt, u KnOw NoThInG aBoUt BuSiNeSs.

    "I love their free shipping" CGN'er: ThEy AdVeRtIsE fReE sHiPpInG bUt wHeN I tRiEd tO oRdEr (and didn't pay or lose anything) tHeY wOuLdN't ShIp FrEe To fOrT sImPsOn.


    In reality, they are about as mediocre as 99% of online firearm/ammo retailers.

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