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Thread: Buying experience at Tenda

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    Ah some Radom person always come here to ##### about an order problem instead of phoning and emailing the company for a resolution, I had one issue with a wrong item shipped and they fixed it right away.

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    Are these Tenda threads astroturfing or what ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by S-357 View Post
    Nothing but good to say about tenda too
    Tenda-the hottest topic in GN. Hate and love relationship.

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    I have ordered from Tenda a couple of times and their service has been excellent.

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    Tenda is probably one of the busiest stores in Canada. They have a very large operation. Tenda rants should be limited to every second Wednesday between the hours of 2:00am to 2:05am.

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    No issues with them at all either, always satisfied. They are very big indeed so might take a bit more time for processing.

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    Ordered from them two weeks ago and it came just fine.

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    Ordered just over a week ago, shipped out yesterday.. great customer service and best price I could find in bulk ammo that I wanted.
    Would take the cheap price and “slow” shipping over paying more to get something I don’t need until spring any faster!

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    I’m accustomed to Tenda’s delayed order processing etc. yet still buy from them for price and free shipping but . . . . . . . .
    . . . . . Free Shipping over $300 is not what it once was!
    They tell me that UPS recently updated their shipping software and overweight charges are now being implemented, all this after my $400+ order was placed and accepted.
    Yes, 8 days after ordering they tell me they want $17.88 for the free shipping!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Suther View Post
    Its been a mixed bag for me. I'm still waiting on shipping confirmation for an order placed Friday lunchtime. My first order for them was for a Henry Single Shot that was listed as a youth model, but they did a ####ty copy/paste job with product descriptions as it was not actually a youth model. I didn't want to return the gun outright, so they said they would hook me up with some free swag on my next order - which was Friday. So we'll see what kind of "free swag" I get, once they get around to putting my stuff in a damn box and slapping a postage label on it...

    How this current outstanding order (and my free swag) gets handled will determine if I like this company or not.
    Update on this. Got the stuff I ordered. Pretty darn disappointed with the free swag they gave me to make up for their incompetence on my first order - A Sig Sauer velcro morale patch and a little circular SIG pin.

    The scopes I ordered showed up with no boxes or anything, just wrapped in bubble wrap in a box together. Now, I don't really care as long as they aren't damaged, but it would have been nice if they put the fact there are no boxes in the freaking advertisement.

    So, long story short, their swag was a total disappointment, and their product descriptions on the website can not be trusted. I'll probably shop here again because their prices can be really good, but now I know not to trust their product descriptions.
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