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Thread: Smith & Wesson M&P22 Pistol .22lr

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaka View Post
    The best and reliable 22 handgun based on my experience. I never loved 22 pistols until I started shooting M&P22.

    You’ll have to expand your shooting experience ��. There are better .22 pistols.
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    Great Pistol. Fantastic trainer for both new shooters and those who want to practice on a budget. Only downside is the frame doesn’t allow for grip modules like the Actual M&P so if you got big hands and enjoy the larger grip modules on the centerfire models your out of luck. Have put at min 5k rounds thru it. Only issues I’ve had were Lube related. Runs great on Ballistol or even RemOil but nothing viscous as it will lead to jams. (ie. Froglube). Breaks down super easy for cleaning. Trigger is extremely light which I enjoy.
    If you shoot M&Ps this pistol is a must. Mine will probably almost never see the light outside the safe again since the glock 44 entered the stage but this pistol shoots so well and fits the hand so nice it’ll be a hard sell. My only gripe is now I worry for replacement parts.
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    I can't see S&W dropping this completely as I am sure they are aware many M&P 9/40 owners use it as a training tool. My guess is they are coming out with 2.0 version, hope they add the same back straps to it. Time will tell.

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    They're selling all the compacts that they can make.
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    who has recoil spring for this firearm in stock

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    Did anyone else buy the ProMag S&W M&P.22 magazine that doesn’t fit?

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