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Thread: Chiappa M1-9 NSR Carbine 9mm 19" Non-Restricted

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daver_II View Post
    Great minds think alike... too funny we posted that at the same time
    Yupp ^ funny thing is I got one for $300 shipped, {EE} & modified an Israeli Folding Choat stock, so, it doesn't look too bad in that, with the 30rnd profile mag = almost sexii! & really do hope it's reliable, still havent got to shoot it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZREXER View Post

    At the proposed price point, why anyone would buy this over a similarly priced Ruger PC 9 would be a real mystery to me.
    I mean it fills the 9mm NR PCC gap between the $500 hipoint (which is limited to 5rds, doesn't use a commonly available mag and IMO pretty dam ugly even compared to this) and the 1k+ options like the PC9 (base model is $940++ currently). Tenda and others have the M1-9 NSR for $760 and for that price I think it has a decent place in NR 9mm carbine category for a rifle with 10rds and common mags. Will make a fine camp companion and plinker. We've all seen prices creep up on NR semi autos throughout the last year. The Ruger PC9 used to be an $800 rifle but now its closer to 1k. That's the reality of it and this rifle would have probably been a $600~ last year. Times are changing.
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    Nothing a rattle can paint job can't perk up.

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    These are restocked.

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