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Thread: Omega Video Recording Sight!!!

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    Omega Video Recording Sight!!!

    The FIRST sight that integrates all necessities of ranging and shooting plus video into one unit.

    OMEGA is the newest and most-innovative sight on the market.

    OMEGA integrates a sight and range finder with a camera lens. The hunter is able to more accurately aim with this all-in-one technology, making shots more humane and successful. A perfect alignment for every shot. Omega projects the targeted image onto an LCD screen for viewing and recording. OMEGA fits ANY shooting device that will accept a scope.

    Contact your local dealer to get one on order for yourself!!

    • Realtime ranging UP TO 600 YARDS
    • Video RECORDING
    • Water RESISTANT
    • Works on most RIGHT and LEFT hand bows
    • Works with most BOWS, RIFLES and PISTOLS
    • Continuous REMOTE OPERATION while shooting
    • Sight picture projected onto an LCD SCREEN
    • LIGHTWEIGHT aluminum body 12.5 ounces
    • Actual screen size 1 1/2″ X 2″
    • 1 YEAR LIMITED Manufacturers Warranty
    • Excellent learning tool for young shooters

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    Gen 2 - $439 US. I like the idea but would need some real world reviews. Thanks for the post!

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