Hello CGN-ERS!

I am actively searching for a classroom to hold PAL courses in Markham, ON (YORK REGION).

My previous classroom was a language school that has now closed down and moved out.
As you can guess many businesses in the Greater Toronto Area are firearms-adverse, or unfamiliar with the whole deal.
I would appreciate any help / serious leads from the CGN community!

Thank you in advance!

HERE is my ad I posted on Kijiji. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1527299405

Need some income to pay rent or bills? I can help!

HELLO private schools, tutoring centres, language schools, churches, union halls, training centres, Landlords and Realtors!

I am an PAL instructor for the Province of Ontario looking for a classroom to rent during the weekends and weekdays.
I am looking for a per use arrangement, daily or weekly rate.
My courses are 2-days in a row. I will be running courses 1, 2 or 3 times per week. So I can rent your place for 2, 4, or 6 days a week.

What kind of classes do I teach?
I teach the firearms safety course.
I work for the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario. www.fseso.org
I provide the MANDATORY training for civilians that want to get their LEGAL gun licence for hunting or sport shooting.
Here is my website: www.samstraining.ca

This is a safety course, there is NO live fire! I teach lectures, show a powerpoint slide show, there is some practical training, where people use fake guns that cannot shoot to practice safe handling procedures. THERE IS NO shooting of guns. I only use DEACTIVATED guns and ammunition. I HAVE MANY RULES TO FOLLOW. Nothing will go BANG! This is a government course. I run my business as an independent contractor.

I am a very clean, and considerate tenant. I bring my own cleaning supplies, I have to follow many disinfection, infection control, mandatory Covid-19 safety protocols. I always try to leave the classroom or space cleaner and better than I found it.

This is a very reliable business. I am fully insured, this is a 100% legal and safe business.

I am flexible, the space can be a clean, comfortable office space, basement, classroom, clean warehouse, open concept room etc.

Where: YORK REGION ONLY. Markham, Thornhill, Vaughan,

The classroom or office space must:
-be 1000-1200 sq ft TOTAL
-chairs and desks for 9 to 12 students
-be able to seat 9 to 12 people, spaced out 2 metres apart,
-washrooms available
-free parking available
-kitchenette (preferred)
-projector and screen (optional) I have my own!

If the space is suitable, and the price is right I can be your tenant for many, many years to come.
This is a very steady business, think of it as having a Service Ontario or DriveTest as your tenant.

I'm looking to start in March. Please let me know if you have a space, and I will come take a look.

Cheers and be safe!