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Thread: Consignment Pistol Arrived

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    Thumbs up Consignment Pistol Arrived

    I ordered a Glock 21 G4 offered on consignment off the website mid-last week, hand a chance to pick it up on Saturday and do a good once-over. If I would have walked into the store and someone at the counter handed it to me and told me it had just been unboxed and was brand-new, unfired I would have believed them - this thing is that clean!

    Great deal, excellent savings, fast order processing and shipping. This is my 3rd or 4th order from Prophet River and I'm really impressed. Thanks team!

    Mikey B

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    Same experience with Prophet River as you. I bought a CZ SP01 Shadow on consignment from them last year. Excellent deal, and the pistol is virtually new!

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    Thank guys, glad you are both happy with your purchases. Appreciate the business!!!
    inquiries - 780-875-0575 /
    Prophet River Firearms
    5012 - 50th Ave
    Lloydminster, AB
    T9V 0W7

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