Very nice rifle, great price.

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I don’t understand why people are paying big dollars for remlins when these are available for less. These rifles are at least the equivalent of a JM Marlin. In another 6 months or so those remlins won’t be worth anything once RUGER starts to produce Marlins that will be as good or better than JM’s
That's a whole lot of optimism.
Ruger's current quality, in my experience, is nowhere near what JM Marlins were. Lots of little issues that need aftermarket or a trip back to ruger to sort out, downright disapointing actually.

The old marlin in gone. The machinery and the people with the collective experience that made marlin marlin have been dispersed and aren't coming back.
There is nothing left but the name.

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pistol grips are better ...
Nor if you're LARPing a cowboy, which you clearly are with that saddle ring.