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Thread: Snap-Safe Titan XXL Gun Safe Review

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    Snap-Safe Titan XXL Gun Safe Review

    Anticipating further "Secure" Storage requirements and wanting to upgrade from steel cabinets to fire and water protection for my own peace of mind, I started seriously searching for a suitable safe with the arrival of the current New Year.
    After much consideration, the one factor which swayed me in favour of the Snap-Safe line (by Hornady) was the ability to move the safe into the home in manageable pieces then assemble it in-situ. All other considerations being roughly equal in terms of pricing and features, the Snap-Safe alone allowed me to place a "Monster Safe" just like I had been admiring in the big-box sporting goods stores for years, into my own home. As a result, I purchased the Snap-Safe model Titan XXL Double-Door Gun Safe from Tesro Inc, several months ago when it was offered at an attractive introductory pricing schedule with what amounted to free shipping. Hey - $150 is $150!!

    After a considerable shipping delay mostly attributable to COVID19, my safe finally arrived 2 weeks ago neatly and compactly packaged on a disposable pallet which the delivery girl moved about quite readily with one of those hydraulic hand-operated manual fork-lifts. It sat in my garage for the better part of a month while I contemplated assembly versus COVID social-distancing! I am in a wheelchair without legs thanks to a Taliban IED with my name on it 12 years ago in a far-away, hot and dusty land. This situation requires that I put my good friends to work with various projects such as "let's set up Mark's Hobby-Room", or "Let's Hang up Mark's military souvenirs, or (in this case) "Let's assemble Mark's new gun-safe"! To make matters easier on my borrowed friend and my 20-something son, I rented an Appliance Dolly (the tip-back type) to remove the existing cabinets, as well as a 4-wheel dolly (for balancing large parts on to then move them) for the safe components. The largest and heaviest single piece is the Back Panel, at a weight of 180 lbs and an approximate size of 54" x 59". The 4-wheeled Dolly made short work of moving the safe parts from my Garage downstairs on my elevator to the basement Hobby Room where they would be reassembled.

    Every part was clearly labelled as to its position within the overall safe, as well as its relationship to adjoining pieces. Assisted by the clear directions and a short on-line video, assembly quickly became a rather intuitive affair. The kit came with a Plastic Case containing all of the paperwork as well as the Nuts, Washers, Hardware and Tools (Ratcheting Wrench) required for assembly. We elected to assemble the safe upright in its final resting place, due to a lack of room available to assemble the safe on its side. Although this method is more difficult than assembly with the safe lying on its back, it was not overly troublesome and permitted the safe to be assembled right in its final footprint which is an incredibly convenient feature! The result of an hour's work was a brand new safe where only steel cabinets had stood before. Athough probably a bit larger than most folks require, the Titan XL Double-Door safe is quite literally a "snap" to assemble with only some finicky fitting of the Interior Panels/Firewalls giving temporary cause for concern. Soon enough we were sorted out and progressing at speed once again.

    The finished product is impressive indeed! The gaping double-door entrance is perfect for minimizing those annoying "safe-kisses" so often suffered placing firearms in the safe and removing them inspection or use. It provides ready access to the safe's contents provided that one is patient and reasonably careful. The doors themselves feature 8 Locking Pins around the Right Door and 4 Pins around the Left with the centre 4 Pins from the Right Door shared with the Left upon closing. There is an expanding seal all around the edges of the door which expands under heat or the presence of water to seal the safe's contents from exterior threats for a specified period of time. In this case it is 2300F for one hour, which is pretty typical industry standard. There are no seams which can be attacked with tools, which was my only real concern with a modular, assemble-yourself design. I need not have been concerned, as the method of construction for the Snap-Safe is extremely rugged and typical of other safes designed for a similar purpose. The concealed interior bolts holding the various components together are numerous and extremely sturdy, although care must be taken not to over-torque the bolts themselves as they will snap/shear-off if you are overly aggressive. With everything snugged up, the safe is sufficiently robust and rigid that it may as well be welded. The key difference being that this particular safe can be disassembled and moved by a buyer and a single friend!

    The interior panels lend the safe's inner surfaces a very professional finished appearance. The internal dividers are such that sufficient panels are provided to complete several different layouts depending on the owner's desires. I opted for maximum rifle storage, which is rated to accommodate 56 long-guns without optics, somewhat fewer if scope-equipped. The long top shelf should accommodate all of my handguns quite nicely. I was able to re-purpose my steel cabinets into stacked, lockable ammunition storage, thus killing 2 birds with one stone (or in this case, one safe). When all was said and done, the Snap-Safe Titan XXL Double-Door Gun Safe was $4300 and change CAD, delivered to my home in the vicinity of Edmonton, Alberta.

    At the end of the day when everything is factored-in from value for dollar to ease of assembly, is the Snap-Safe worth the price of admission? I definitely think so! And not just because I spent the money on mine. Looking around at what else is available on the market, none of the other, comparable safes are modular, allowing piece-by-piece relocation and in-situ assembly. No other safe can currently boast this degree of flexibility, period. That alone, makes a Snap-Safe the obvious choice for those who need a larger safe placed in a smaller, more challenging space. Check out the Snap-Safe by Hornady, distributed in Canada by Tesro, Inc! You won't be disappointed by the quality and value for your dollar.

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    Mark C

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    Good looking safe! What does it weigh? I guess you need a good solid floor for that unit?

    And TY for your service. And good to hear you're still shootin'!

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    Wow! That is one impressive safe! Thank you for posting the amazing pictures and write up as well

    I like the fact that you can move it inside in separate pieces, for the sheer size of some of these safes, the safe is installed before a home is built if you are a serious gunnut

    I love the double door feature as well, ive never seen one like this, i was personally considering the Liberty Fat Boy eventually, but now i will look into this!

    Thanks again for the great read and enjoy the new safe, super jealous!

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    Nice to see a real review (ie someone on this board) of these safes. Great write up, thanks!
    no step.

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    Thanks for the great review Mark.

    BTW - won't you need two of them for your amazing collection?
    Velox Versutus Vigilans


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    Great review! I still dream of a massive safe like that, but the wife and I apparently have different dreams. She dreams of a new roof on the house that won't leak... I think her priorities are skewed
    I'm Interested In Learning About Reloading, Casting, Anything Gunsmithing Related, Etc. Do You Live In Fernie, BC to Crowsnest Pass, AB area? Willing To Share Your Knowledge With A New Generation? PM Me

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    Thanks for the review. I may look at one to replace 2 small safes I have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiMP View Post
    Great review! I still dream of a massive safe like that, but the wife and I apparently have different dreams. She dreams of a new roof on the house that won't leak... I think her priorities are skewed
    Stop shooting holes in the roof.

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    What is the RCMP break in rating?

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