We have just sent out our monthly newsletter. We currently have close to 5000 people on our newsletter. But we do still get emails asking how to sign up.

At the top of our homepage is a link for "Newsletter/Contest" that contains links and info on how to signup. You may also click this link directly.

Newsletter / Contest - Info / Signup / Preferences

Please note the newsletter list is separate from our customer list. You do not need to be a customer to get the newsletter and customers do not automatically get the newsletter.

When you purchase something there is a checkbox to also signup for the newsletter, this but is unchecked by default.

Mailchimp is our newsletter provider.

We follow Canadian anti spam laws. We also use a double opt-in signup process. When you signup for the newsletter you will receive an email from Mailchimp that your email is valid and that you wish to proceed. You will then be on our list for future newsletters.

There are always links included allowing you to unsubscribe. You may also use the links on our page to make any needed changed.

If you have a problem you may also write to me directly requesting to be added to the newsletter. I will save the email request and manually add you. My email is "calvin@prophetriver.com".

I've currently written 105 of these.

The archive for the last couple years can be found here.

Calvin Sunderland.
Technical Support & Development
Prophet River Firearms.