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Thread: FOC Is Fantastic - Both Online Ordering and In Person

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    FOC Is Fantastic - Both Online Ordering and In Person

    I have always believed in accurately reflecting a buying experience for the benefit of prospective customers. Whether service is good or bad, I believe potential buyers kicking the tires will find value in feedback in considering the company. I am also a strong believer in positive reinforcement; that is, you encourage and publicly applaud things that a company is doing right In that vein I am hoping this helpful.

    My background: I have been an avid shooter of air rifles - PAL and non-PAL - for years. I only had one real store nearby me - it was a small Canadian store that had a few branches, but it sold everything from camping gear to outdoor wear and firearms. My first foray into firearms in there was met with generally good staff who wanted to help. Some of the older guys there seemed very focused on hunting and did not seem overly enthusiastic about air rifles even though they sold quite a bit of them. They also had restricted guns but they were predominantly handguns. Anything non-restricted that was not an air rifle was pretty much a hunting rifle. That's all that I thought existed for NR.

    Over time, I ended up buying some 22s and a shotgun from there. Always dealt with one or two guys there, who were fantastic. Unfortunately that whole chain closed up years ago and given there wasn't much in my area in regards to gun shops (and Bass Pro and Sail were a bit too far for me), I shelved the shooting and firearms interest.

    A few years later, I was in Ajax and was actually looking for some books when I drove by FOC, when it was at its previous location. I walked into a very small store, was greeted in a friendly way and I just wanted to maybe buy some ammo and pellets. The staff who serviced me asked what my shooting interest was and I said well, it's pretty much 22s, and air rifles since I don't have a PAL with a restricted dispensation. He said well, you may be interested in looking at some non-restricted rifles. I said no thanks, I am not a hunter and most of them are too heavy for me. He then showed me what FOC has in terms of NR rifles and I was like "no way!!!" That opened my eyes to the fact that NR rifles are not just hunting rifles or "Grandpa's clay pigeon elegant shotgun". After spending some time talking with the staff there, I bought a Keltech Sub 2000. Was very pleased at my purchase, but moreover, the service.

    Fast forward a few years, and I am back looking for FOC, but I didn't see it in its previous location so I thought maybe it had closed down. It was only when I got an email from them with some exciting news about new arrivals that I thought maybe it had become online only, so I ordered a rifle from them. The shipping was soooo fast. They even processed my order on the weekend. The shipping rate was very reasonable and everything was perfect. I decided to write the store to thank them and asked more questions, and then decided to visit. I eventually found the store - it had moved locations. When I showed up again, I was impressed. The store is very modernized, and well laid out. Very clean, very professional looking. Because I dealt with one person on the correspondence, I thought I'd ask for them. He came out and helped me and I bought a number of parts, ammo and another rifle too. It wasn't until later that I found out that this gentleman (Alfred) is the manager/owner. He is a very humble, very friendly, very easy going guy who answered all my questions and showed me multiple options for non-restricted rifles. He also let me handle some and didn't laugh at me when I had no idea what a bullpup was or how to hold it properly. The rest of the staff were helping out other customers, not just answering their questions but also giving some demos, letting them handle various firearms, etc. The store is extremely clean and each subsequent time I have shown up, there are cleaners sweeping, wiping, etc. FOC really presents well.

    After my purchases, I continued to email the store and Alfred always responded, giving me excellent information; not just answering my questions, but also making suggestions and giving me pros and cons of certain guns and accessories. The depth of knowledge he has and the customer focus he exhibits really makes the customer feel like they are valued. I learn lots whenever I go there and don't feel stupid when I don't know something. Their staff consists of many young folks, different backgrounds, etc. They are always pleased to help their customers.

    I have found FOC's selection excellent and their website navigation to be one of the best. Their inventory on the website is synched to their store inventory so once something sells out, it immediately is reflected on the webpage. Further if they don't have something listed in stock (ie. accessories), they will custom order it for you. FOC is involved not just in contributing to the retail part of the firearms community but they are also active in the local community, having Christmas events, and fundraisers for worthy firearms related causes and financially supporting our fight on a legislative level. I cannot speak more highly on this store, and its manager/owner Alfred and all the friendly staff there. If you are in the Durham area, FOC is a must visit place for any firearms enthusiast.
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    I don't get there very often because of distance, but I agree they are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I consider them a top rate store.

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    Ordered some 7.62x39mm on Tuesday night, arrived this morning. That's damned quick. Kudos to FO.

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