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Thread: R U Ready Shot Timer

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    R U Ready Shot Timer


    • Shot Times (the overall time from the loud start signal)
    • Split Times (the time between each shot fire)
    • Shot Numbers (the total numbers of shots fired)
    • Review (of the last 60 shots fired)
    • "NEW" Review of the last shot fired on the last eight strings
    • A Loud Start Signal (even when wearing double plugs)
    • 2 to 5 Second Delay or Instant Start (for practice or competition)
    • Programmable PAR Time (user programmable start and stop signals)
    • "NEW" User Programmable Sensitivity Adjustment
    • Range Officer Walk Through Mode, Programmable from 2-10 minutes with warning signals at start, one minute remaining and end of time.
    • "NEW" On board Battery Tester
    • Dimensions: 4 1/2 " x 2 3/4" " x 1"
    • Power: Standard 9 VDC Alkaline battery
    • Display Multi Digit LCD
    • Input: Flat tactile keyboard
    • Weight: 5 oz with the battery
    • Operating Range: 10F - 110 F / -10C to 40C

    Click HERE..Also doubles as a neuralizer, making you forget everything you we about to do on that stage of fire
    Please email all requests for information on product availability/ordering to Any prices quoted are only valid for 30 days from date of original posting. All firearm and ammunition sales subject to PAL verification.

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    I wasn't sure on the quality of this product but then I saw that it wasn't just a "speed timer" but a "Speed timer 3000" and I knew it would be excellent

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