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Thread: First Time Customer at G4C, Very Good Experience

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    First Time Customer at G4C, Very Good Experience

    I just found out about G4C last week when I was helping another CGNer find some ammunition. I actually didn't realize that it was as local to me as it ended up being. I thought I'd check it out this morning as I was looking for some Hornady rounds. I was warmly greeted by what turns out to be the store manager, and what I thought would be a quick in and out with my ammunition turned out to be a wonderful long chat with the store manager, who was helping me to assess what I needed, and made some further recommendations. He was extremely knowledgeable, very professional, very honest, and a real pleasure to chat with. I have been to some other stores, where yes, I got my product and the turnaround was good, but it is stores like G4C I really like, where they aren't rushing to get you out of the store and take the time to get to know you as a customer. The G4C manager, Tank, gave me much to think about in terms of future gun choices, and he was very forthright with the pros and cons of each gun that I was considering as well as ammo choices. He gave me some information about some brands of ammo that I didn't even know, right now to how they mine the materials and he dispelled some notions I had on other kinds of ammunition. We talked about various gun ranges and he gave me some other things to think about when looking for one. This is EXACTLY the type of service people long for these days; there were certain guns I knew nothing about, but rather than treat me like I was dumb, he gave me a quick education on the various rifles I was looking at, and suggested maybe something to consider in the future. I could tell Tank had a real passion for firearms and wants to help the customer develop the same love for some technical aspects of ammunition. It was a great experience - I walked out of there knowing more than I did when I went in. I really felt Tank and the G4C staff really cares for their customers. Their pricing is EXCELLENT and more than competitive with their prices - in fact, I just found out that they have a price match guarantee. How many gun stores have that?

    Great work, Tank and team, and you will be seeing me as a regular for a long time. Thanks again!
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    Thanks for sharing your experience, G4C is on my list of places to visit if I ever make a trip to the GTA.

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    I hear ya man, they are awesome. Never received a lemon firearm from them, or one with faults, dings, scratches etc.
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    I agree totally...I DID get a lemon/damaged firearm, and Tank took great care of me and made me feel very comfortable with my exchange... I would purchase there again in a heartbeat....and ditto on their prices, they were 50.00 less than the closest competitors I could find with my firearm in stock.

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    I got my police surplus Jericho from them (my first purchase there) and the experience was very very pleasant, excellent service, a product in great shape and they even had the courtesy to send me a picture of the actual pistol before place my order... nothing more than good words for these guys
    You're out!

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    I’ve been there numerous times and always a good experience. Man oh man are we spoiled over here in the gta with stores like this!!

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    Thank you all very much, gentlemen. Our team and I will do our best to help no matter experienced or new shooters. Thanks again for your kind words and encouragement. Hope to see/serve you all again in the near future.



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    Itís a hidden gem, Iíve always had really good service from them. Theyíre always honest about what they have and donít have/shipping etc.

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    G4C is one of my favorite places to order from. Always easy, always in stock and if non restricted my orders shipped same day. Even sent me a stack of awesome targets and some goodies.

    These guys are amazing and have my business for life.
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    Already bought 2 firearms from them .... excellent in everything!

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