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Thread: Anschutz 1782 in STOCK!

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    Anschutz 1782 in STOCK!

    All variants in stock...All Calibers...All Stocks choices...All Barrel lengths

    Classic Stock

    German Stock

    Thumbhole Stock
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    The Anschutz 1782 is a truly amazing quality build rifle, 100% Made in Germany by Anschutz. Once you own an Anschutz, you will understand the quality.

    Action made from steel. Purity and quality - classically blued. Securely mated to the stock for outstanding shooting performance. Sturdy and resistant to heat and cold. Highly-precise surfaces that display elegance in design and allow the bolt to slide internally without any resistance. A reliable companion with unmatched precision and function. Timeless perfection!

    1782 BARRELS - The heart of PRECISION
    The cylindrical precision barrels with excellent shooting performance are manufactured according to the same ANSCHÜTZ special process, used for the manufacture of the world-famous ANSCHÜTZ target barrels. The same also applies to the manufacturing process of the chamber and the recessed muzzle. Many new models are incorporating the latest technology in manufacturing.

    1782 BOLT MOVEMENT - Moving, soft, precise, quick
    A bolt movement that never fails to impress. Hard-chromed bolt, fine-ground for silky-soft repeating. Corrosion-protected. Two-row six locking lugs - a reliable, stable detail for the highest level of safety.

    1782 TRIGGER - Peak of the ANSCHÜTZ Competence
    Precision and refinement from high-performance sports - in summer and winter. Extremely wide adjustment range for the two stage and trigger weight. Over 50 high-precision parts in harmony in the tightest of spaces. All for a single task!
    The perfect harmonization between man and rifle. Unparalleled. There is nothing better.

    1782 The STOCKS - Make Each Rifle Unique
    New Technology wrapped in Traditional Oiled Walnut... hidden inside is a Solid Aluminum Chassis with V-Bedding and an additional recoil lug for precise and sturdy bedding of the steel barreled action.
    Due to its qualities, Walnut is chosen from age old forests, then elegantly sculpted to form a balance between beauty and functionality with non slip checkering. Every stock rewards the senses, all are unique and distinctive.
    The rubber butt pad absorbs the recoil and holds the rifle securely in the shoulder when aiming.

    Classic Stock shown below

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