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Thread: ++UPDATE DECEMBER 06 2021++ on the 9 inch GSG Barrels from Dlask Arms Corp.

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    ++UPDATE DECEMBER 06 2021++ on the 9 inch GSG Barrels from Dlask Arms Corp.

    So, I promised to update you guys when I get news and here it is - we got our shipment of barrels, but no rifles. These were over sold and we didn't get even one. No matter, the barrels are what counts, right ?

    We are all fired up working on them now, getting ready to finish them in batches of 50 to speed things up and get at least some out the door quickly. (There are 300 total) Keep an eye on THIS thread and once we have them done we will post them to the website for sale.

    As a little bonus, GSG sold us some of the breech blocks for them as well. These are a limited quantity and will sell for $49.99 on top of the price of the barrel should you want it. It will come pre-installed, Loctite applied and extractor notch cut, ready to install. This block allows you to change the barrel yourself provided you have decent mechanical skills. It really is easy peasy.

    Anywho, please respect that we are haulin' bee-hind to get these done and into your hands so DO NOT call or email asking to jump the queue ! There are enough for everyone and the less time I have to spend answering the phone the more time I have to machine the barrels.
    Dlask Arms Corp.

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    Cheers!! Wooho Im def in for a barrel/breech block
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    Sweet! I'm in for a barrel and block! I'll keep checking back for updates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhedsy View Post
    Sweet! I'm in for a barrel and block! I'll keep checking back for updates.
    Same here 1 barrel and block for me

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    Great news!!! Breech block is a bonus!
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    Hey Dlask Arms, can I buy the barrel and block, and have you keep them until you guys get a GSG 16 and you get to do the conversion for me ? Thanks .

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    I am in for both!

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    Will you sell just the breech block? I had bought a 9" barrel and had it installed by you in the 1st batch. This would give me options for using the long barrel.
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    Hello Leigh, if you are tracking these requests I would like two barrels and two breech blocks. Not being greedy, one for me and one for my son. Thanks!

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    Barrel and breech block.

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