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Thread: CCFR Letter Writing Campaign

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    CCFR Letter Writing Campaign

    The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights is currently promoting a letter writing campaign.

    Did you know that there is no postage required to write to your Member of Parliament's address on Parliament Hill?

    For letter writing tips, CLICK HERE.

    Be certain to write to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair, your own MP and any other MP you think needs to hear from the Canadian Shooting Sports Community - particularly those who have little knowledge regarding our firearm laws. For more on that, CLICK HERE.

    Your MPs will also be in your constituency during Parliament's Christmas Break, so be certain to call their office with your concerns as well and pay them a visit for a face-to-face meeting.

    We hope that Justin Trudeau, Bill Blair and all MPs that represent all Canadians on Parliament Hill can truly focus on evidence-based policy and common sense, which will lead to a focus on organized crime, border security and the root causes of violent crime and gender-based violence. Focussing on some of Canada's most responsible and highly-vetted citizens - licensed firearm owners - and their lawfully-obtained personal property, is not the answer.

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    Letters sent...PM, Bill Blair, my MP and Yves Blanchet.

    Saw your twitter feed, where can one get a shirt posted there that states "Nobody Needs an AR15? Nobody Needs A Whiny Little B**ch Either, Yet Here You Are." I'd love to wear one.

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    Should this be a free letter? or it should be drawn up taking into account all legal issues.

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    No, the letter can be informal. It reminded me of large companies for writing letters like where you can order the author's work. I think that it will become just relevant in connection with these letters. Since half of the population cannot read and write normally. I think God will help us and everything will be fine, don't worry.

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