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Thread: Pallet of GSG-16 Just Landed

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReverendX View Post
    Imagine a pallet with a bunch of boxes stacked on it that is wrapped in stretch wrap.

    Not really too breath taking.
    shhhh don't ruin my dreams with logic

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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendx View Post
    imagine a pallet with a bunch of boxes stacked on it that is wrapped in stretch wrap.

    Not really too breath taking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by john442 View Post
    Include 2 mags?
    Description says one, but given that these used to come in with two, worth asking.

    Also, are these coming with the adjustable trigger the earlier Canada-specific batches did or do they have the standard one?

    I'll be honest, I tried a friend's model 15 two+ years and was a little disappointed with how long and squishy the trigger was. Light and a decent break, sure, but gave me a double-take not being sure if the pull was just long or if the plastic trigger actually bent (it does not!)

    My only other experience with GSG was a .22LR 1911 that works like a charm and is great for introducing new people to the sport before putting a 9mm or larger in their hands. If they can't work a .22LR and they start chucking 9mm all over the range floor/ceiling/walls/rail/return cable, I don't think I'll be allowed to take guests again. If the "kick" of a .22LR is too much, we're done.

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    Kudos for not inflating the price.

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    Hi Geoff:

    Is there a speedloader that can be used with the stock magazine and the drums?

    Thanks for your time,
    Proarm Militant Variant Factory

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    Quote Originally Posted by MlCE View Post
    Send them all to Dlask so we can get the short barrels lol
    We can rebarrel them here. If you want a pinned stock and minimum length barrel $350. We also offer a shorter barrel with a fixed stock for $450. And for an additional cost we can thread the muzzle on the new barrel to accept flash hider/muzzle brake.

    After you order, contact
    Calgary Shooting Centre

    For orders, please visit our online store or email us at:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bratwurst View Post
    Got any pics? I'd love to see what a pallet of guns looks like
    You ever see one of them fancy makeup pallets?

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