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Thread: Thermacell Rechargeable Mosquito Repeller IN STOCK

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    I don't know about the rechargeable units, but I've owned one of the cheap, green, portable butane ones for at least 2-3 years now. I was skeptical at first, and had hunting buddies recommend. I'm officially a believer now. Absolutely amazing things.

    Just bought 2 of the red, butane/patio ones and the mega pack of refills/butane...but will explore the DIY options for both. Pads contain oil of crysanthimum flower, the heated vapor repels biting insects...has a faint, stale flower smell when running. lol Pad lasts about 3-3-1/2 hours. Up north last spring, we sat outside in shorts/t-shirts after a long day insect repellent, just 2 of these running. 1 bite in maybe 5 days.

    Follow the directions, and enjoy. On breezy days, put slightly upwind...and run them for about 10 minutes in the spot you want to sit before sitting in it. lol (if you can)

    My buddy has the head that screws onto the larger butane/stove type tank, and has had no issues. I've read that model can be problematic, but haven't witnessed that. Have no experience with the rechargeable.
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