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Thread: CZ 455/457 Miniset Caliber Conversion Kits

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    Smile CZ 455/457 Miniset Caliber Conversion Kits

    We have the following 455/457 Miniset Kits in stock.

    CZ 457 rimfire rifles have many advantages. One of the most important is the simple modular design of the series. Every model from this family is an "open system", in which the customer can change such key parameters as the caliber, barrel length and barrel profile.

    We have therefore created minisets for this purpose, which are economical sets consisting of a barrel, fiber-reinforced polymer magazine with a five-round capacity of the corresponding caliber (in the case of a .22 LR cartridge magazine, the set also includes a magazine well insert) and Allen wrenches that are necessary for barrel replacement. The illustrated, easy-to-follow manual that comes with every miniset ensures the safe removal and reassembly of the barrel by any user. A simple instruction video is available as well.

    The extensive, and continuously increased, offer of minisets for the CZ 457 series rimfire rifles allows the customer to unleash their creativity and build a firearm that meets their needs and expectations. The only partial limitation users are faced with is the cavity for mounting the barrel. In the case of rifles with wooden stocks for thin-walled barrels, the cavity must first be widened (we recommend to use a gunsmith), before a Varmint barrel can be installed. The fiber-reinforced polymer stocks that come with our Synthetic models are designed as universal.

    457 barrels and stocks compatibility:

    455/457 Varmint .22lr. SKU#: 5073-0090-21ND.
    455/457 Varmint Threaded Barrel .22lr. SKU#: 5073-0090-64ND.
    455/457 Varmint 16" Barrel .22lr. SKU#: 5073-0090-92ND.

    455/457 Lux .22wmr. SKU#: 5073-0090-8801ND.
    455/457 Lux II .22wmr. SKU#: 5073-0090-8802ND.

    MTR 20" barrel .22lr. SKU#: 5083-0090-8591ND.

    455/457 .17hmr 20" Heavy Barrel. SKU#: 5083-0090-8991ND.

    Stocking Dealers:
    - Tesro
    - Calgary Shooting Centre
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