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Thread: Grey Birch Fusion Receiver Testing....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8 ball View Post
    Interested. Curious about final pricing. Also curious about different barrel length options (shorter stuff for myself, but know some folks like them longer as well!) and barrel material options.
    We'll have details released pretty soon on pricing and will send out updated via our newsletter and social. We'll be launching the fusion in the same materials and sizes we previously offered, 12.5" and 16.1", both carbon wrapped. We are considering a longer barrel option is well, between 18-20" but still noodling around the idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey Birch View Post
    We have been focusing on carbon barrels only to date. We may consider steel at some point but for the time being, carbon is our jam.
    I would really only be interested in a steel barrel as well, for the extra weight for rimfire PRS. 20" ideally. Is the built in pic rail 0moa? for does it have a 20-30moa built in?
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    If it's married to the old Shrike systems, then the LDR Fusion reciever should have a 20 moa rail, Fusion classic would be no 0moa rail. Rdr, would be the flat top, red dot glock plates
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