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Thread: Fresh Batch of McMillan PGW Rifles

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    The ODG is making me

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheels View Post
    Unfortunately the haters will spew the same garbage on the next thread that pops up about PGW. Always liked the Timberwolf & Coyote, but i'm a lefty so it was never in the cards.
    They are making left handed actions for some models now, I am sure the Timberwolf & Coyote are in the works.
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    I currently own 2 PGW's. A Coyote in 6.5 Creed and a Timberwolf in 338 Lapua. While the Coyote is extremely accurate the T Wolf takes it to a whole new level. It is hands down the single most accurate rifle I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. I have photos on my phone of 530 yard 5 shot groups measuring under 1.5" C to C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swray1992 View Post
    If Elon musk didn’t mess up the crypto market yesterday, I would’ve bought the 6.5 this week
    Haha, I hear you, I’m in the same boat.....
    Romans 13:4

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    This is the first time I've seen anyone hating on PGW. My experience with their rifles has been amazing. Great company, and it makes me feel good they are Canadian.

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