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Thread: FAMAE rifle import details

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    Quote Originally Posted by pubb View Post
    Email us, email us, email us. Oh, wait. No, PM us.
    Are you having a problem or just spamming?

    We have asked people to email so we can track them. It seems improbable but if people are using the correct email, and we are not receiving them we have to assume that there is a fault in our system or theirs, so as a last resort for those people we offer one more option. It isn't the best and we can't track it but here we are.
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    I just wanted to provide an update that C.S.C. have now processed my refund in a timely manner, immediately today, once I responded by PM through my reaching out on here. Thanks C.S.C.! And thank you for giving the community the opportunity to be part of a pre-order and for your patience in dealing with everyone, especially some of the community's frustrations and impatience.

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