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Thread: Jard J180 Scale Up Possible?

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    Jard J180 Scale Up Possible?

    I know Sylvestre had yet to sell the Jard J180 kit and rifle, but have a question for the future. Should sales be good for the rifle/kit in intermediate cartridges, would Jard be interested in scaling up the design to full size rifle cartridges, like .308 and 6.5 Creedmore? And could a scaled up design use the same FRT entry?

    There are newly prohibited rifles in the cartridges whose parts can only be used in manual action alternatives; their owners would likely appreciate a semi-automatic home for these orphan parts.

    My suggestion for a name would be the J180-H, with the H standing for "Heavy", like with the SCAR.
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    if this can be done, I'd love to see an upscalled version for 300 WM using aics mags too
    I recall some talk of a magnum semi from NEA/BCL way back.. but all the existing designs I'm aware of would be considered AR derivatives.
    that said, can't say I'd be in for one based on the current J180 design. as possibly the one and only happy owner of a J68, really disappointed that their 180 doesn't have ambi controls

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