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Thread: Please move to Revolvers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korth Group Ltd View Post
    These firearms are absolutely incredible. Unfortunately, we are not affiliated with this brand.

    From memory, Wanstalls listed a few Korth models in the past, and would be a good place to start your order.

    My bad K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by (((Echo))) View Post
    Case hardening looks a point. On frames, hammers and triggers, sure. Once you start doing the whole gun, it looks like a 60's hippie tie-dye special.

    I have no doubt that these are fine revolvers, but IMHO, just a little to "trippy" looking.

    Strangely on these it's the hammer and trigger that don't have the case hardening colour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ABNDT View Post
    Damn those are fine.

    Korth Vintage Limited Edition Revolvers

    Korth Vintage revolver with a 4″ barrel

    Korth Vintage revolvers are chambered in .357 Magnum and have 6-round cylinders. They feature adjustable rear sights and 18K gold front sight beads. Gold medallions with the Korth logo are inlaid on the frame, behind the cylinder. There are two versions of this revolver – with 4″ and 10″ barrels. Only ten revolvers of each version will be available in the United States and each will be shipped with a “1 of 10” certificate of authenticity.

    Korth Vintage revolver with a 4″ barrel.

    No price is specified in the Nighthawk Custom press release or on the Korth Vintage revolver page of the Nighthawk Custom website as of writing this article. The Korth Heritage revolver is quite close to the Vintage in terms of finish and execution and it has an MSRP of $8,999. I guess one should expect to pay a similar amount of money for the Vintage.

    Korth Vintage revolver with a 10″ barrel.

    Either someone just changed to rules of physics or those revolvers purported to have ten inch barrels are actually 7.5 and 6 inch.
    And Dan Wesson, Ruger proved in the past 357 or 44 Mag in ten inches of barrel demonstrates the law of declining returns. Eight inches in a revolver is proven to be tops in velocity alone. With these two cartridges.
    MR 73 GIGN sniper variant has 8.1 inch barrel in the 357.

    Ghee.......I wonder why ?????
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