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Thread: BCL MRX Bison Ranger 16.5" 5.56 Nato Non-Restricted

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    So is the full barrel shroud option going to be available for this as soon as soon as this rifle is available or will it be a part we can buy later? I'm wanting a longer barrel than the 12.5, and one of the main draws to this rifle over my Ruger American is the full shroud. The Ruger is great, but the handguard is really small and I keep burning my hands on the barrel, so something like this fixes that problem.

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    X39 yet?

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    Is black going to be the only colour option?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinman304 View Post
    Is black going to be the only colour option?
    Based on what the CEO said in one of the youtube videos, it sounds like you ask your dealer to ask the distributor (North Sylva) and then maybe something happens if a hundred people have the same idea as you..... ?

    Hopefully I'm wrong about North Sylva putting in a small custom order but it sort of sounded like if there was enough demand they would do what ever is wanted.

    It's nice that BCL wants to support a traditional distribution network but given the general level of customer support within the Canadian market and BCL's desire to "Do Better!"
    .... they should just go to direct sales and support.

    Times are changing.
    Our Government trusts rivets more then law abiding gun owners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Can-down View Post
    When did they move into the new building with all the fancy computer controlled fabrication and quality control equipment? They have several promotional videos some which are linked in this thread talking about how they now use computer controlled machines for quality control that can do it faster and better then humans as far as measuring and controlling tolerances.

    It's almost like they recognize their past failings and are taking measures to address them.... you could be right and they are doomed to fail yet again, but I'm a bit more optimistic as admitting their is a problem is the first step and investing a ton of capital to address it is the next.... time will tell but I'm willing to give this Canadian company some credit for attempting to address their past issues and wish them success going forward.
    I hope your right. These do look cool. But north sylvan deleting my comments which are 100% true does not inspire confidence.

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    IS BCL still garbage boys? Or is this worth buying

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