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Thread: Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chumlee Bumsnag View Post
    Olight has great sales and the free gifts are fantastic. Customer service and communications are good also.
    ^^^^ Agreed. My experience with Olight products and service has been great and Vicky gives us sale heads up as well as CGN discount codes.
    Calling vendors liars and such over a $14.00 flashlight on sale for $1.00???
    Sh!t happens, figure it out and move on.
    I like to think I know enough to know when I donít know enoughÖ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhpsask View Post
    Just to post an update to this, Olight Vicky did reach out to me regarding this. Olight Customer Service did not know what had happened here, so they could not assist me. They were the first people I reached out to. Olight Vicky did know what was going on, and was able to help. In the end, I did receive the Olight I3E Blue. I thank her for taking the initiative to figure out what had transpired and how to best correct it. If other people have any problem with an order from something originating on CGN, it seems she is the person to go to. To me, it did not seem like customer service for Olight cared what had happened here (here being CGN) and just kept restating the policy on what requirements were for getting the I3E. If you have a problem, it seems like Olight Vicky is the one who can help.
    Thank you for your update. This is a great recognition for me, thanks friend!


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    I love Olight products, and their warranty and aftermarket support is great. I did get one of the UV lights for a dollar during the sale, works great!

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    During the last sale, I received a bunch of emails of bundles and offers and was also checking the sales thread. I bought a couple Baldrs and saw a coupon code that I thought I missed out on. I sent an email to Olight Vicky with my order number about checking in on this. I got such a fast response back and fourth with her. Awesome experience and wouldn't hesitate to purchase again.

    Another note, I had a charging issue with one of my lights from a previous purchase. Emailed CS and they said to send it straight back and they pull send me a new one because batteries were too long of a wait. All replies within 24 hours and great service to boot!

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