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Thread: IN-STOCK NOW: SS-211 12ga

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevo911_ View Post
    That would be the perfect shell for these, but alas they've said no a number of times
    Right! Such a good idea !

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    Also have the auto engage safety issue, didn't start till around the 20 shell point. Happening with anyone that shoots it so i don't think its being bumped by accident.

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    Shoulda put like 3 or 4 barrels on this puppy
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    Quote Originally Posted by J.Hancock View Post
    Shoulda put like 3 or 4 barrels on this puppy
    yeah wheres our canadian triple crown
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    Quote Originally Posted by BIG SHOOTZ View Post
    I took mine out again today, and want to share a few things.

    3 separate shooters we all had the same issue with the safety engaging, I personally watched my buddy shoot and after first round it came on and he was no where near it, so a few models must have the safety issue!

    Second I am now seeing what appears to be a failure in the chamber of the top barrel started off as a small scratch or machining mark it has no looped the interior of the chamber and the whole top chamber looks rough IMO

    3rd cleaning it tonight it appeared to be flaking out a chrome lining, mainly front of the chamber before the barrel starts.

    anyone have pointers to offer on how to post pics,
    I'll try and figure out how to post pics on here I'm still learning this forum.

    little shotgun is a riot to plink with just hoping to get it figured out

    **Image and video linking functions will be enabled after you have contributed more to the forum**
    **Image and video linking functions will be enabled after you have contributed more to the forum**
    **Image and video linking functions will be enabled after you have contributed more to the forum**
    you could use

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    Had mine out yesterday. After a few shots it decided it would fire both barrels at the same time. It did this twice in a row.

    There’s the possibility the selector wasn’t fully engaged, so I cycled the safety and cycled the selector and it didn’t happen again.

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    Cute luttle gun, but I wish it had ejectors. The breach need help to open anyway, so kicking out empty shells would be a plus. Anyway, nice gun to have.
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    TI I spoke with over the phone explained my issue's and was told to shoot them a few pics by email and to send it in for replacement. Just waiting for my reply email

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    I can also confirm the problem with trigger on the second shot.

    There is a consistent issue of NOT firing off the second shot with slugs in both barrels. Even mild loads reproduce the same pattern:
    - Safety is NOT touched or engaged during or after the first shot, visibly OFF
    - trigger freezes and no amount of (reasonable) force helps to produce the SECOND shot
    - fiddling with safety ON / OFF doesn't help either
    - breaking action open and closing it back is THE ONLY WAY to fire the second barrel.

    Ammo used - Federal 1-3/4 mini slugs (1200fps, 1.75").
    20+ rounds fired, only ONCE both barrels fired as it should be!

    Federal 1-3/4 buckshot worked fine, so the issue is apparently RECOIL-related. And it has nothing to do with external safety.

    Any ideas?


    PS Sent this info to TI via Contact page on their website.
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