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Thread: Now in Stock: Kifaru Sleep Systems!!

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    Now in Stock: Kifaru Sleep Systems!!

    Now in Stock: Kifaru Sleep Systems!!

    Great warmth, roominess, and the ability to pack down to nothing. Less weight and bulk in fact, the Slick Bag has the best warmth to weight ratio on the market. Kifaru blends the best of insulations with a Rhino Skin fabric to produce a bag that is extremely compact when stored in one of the Kifaru Stuff Sacks, yet lofts up to deliver lifesaving warmth. Deceptively thin, these bags are devoid of bulky, quilted filler.

    The Kifaru Woobie & Doobie are designed to replace a poncho liner and are MUCH warmer. They are also great as a sleeping bag liner or ground cloth. Kifaru's Apex insulation is continuous filament so strong that no quilting is needed. Plus, it has a better feel and draping capabilities no quilting, so there are no cold spots. Coupled with a water resistant RhinoSkin Shell, you get immediate warmth and protection. Best yet, the Woobie & Doobie are very compressible due to the state of the art materials used. Same great stuff used in Kifaru sleeping bags.

    Click below to discover more.

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    Thanks for bringing this stuff in. Awesome!

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    X2. And those prices are very good considering the alternative of ordering direct from Kifaru ( exchange rate, their shipping rates, duty and taxes, brokerage fees ).
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    Yeah, thanks for bringing in Kifaru gear. I just snagged a parka and woobie from you guys!

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