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Thread: Baton PR24 Monadnock $49.95

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    Baton PR24 Monadnock $49.95

    Baton PR24 Monadnock $49.95

    These are Classic Law Enforcement Batons. When they were first introduced every Police department took them in. PR 24s have a lot of effective easy to learn techniques. Before too long you will be twirling this like TJ Hooker on Prime Time. These are 24 Inches long with an Integrated "trumbull" stop on the side handle for improved Tug of War Odds in your favour. . They are made of proprietary Poly Carbonate Resin and it's very rare to see a broken PR24. They have come byway of Police Surplus and many veteran Officers eyes light up and get Giddy when they see these available in the store. I have witnessed some "pretzel tying" over the years

    Pick one up for the Ladies in your life too

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    Thanks mine arrived recently.

    My first PR24 and it's awesome. Every home needs one.

    Now I have to go practice those TJ Hooker moves!

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