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Thread: We Get Toro Ballistics 9mm 124gr Hollow Point Projectiles

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    Exclamation We Get Toro Ballistics 9mm 124gr Hollow Point Projectiles

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    Proudly made in the USA, Toro Ballistics projectiles are fully jacketed, consistent in weight and size.

    The hollow point design is for both self-defense and precision shooting. The Hollow Point is designed to flower perfectly with every shot. The conical ogive and deep serrations work together to increase aerodynamics while ensuring full flowering.

    Industry leaders and shooter have tested different types of ogives before finding the perfect match between velocity and aerodynamics whether you are competition shooting or just out on a range. Toro Ballistics Full Metal Jackets are consistently accurate.

    Toro Ballistics makes one of the most precise and functioning projectile on the market.


    Calibre: 9mm
    Weight: 124 gr
    Profile: Full Jacketed
    Diametre: 0.355"
    OAL: 0.581"

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    Potentially dumb question but its 1000 bullets for 135$?
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    Quote Originally Posted by coleman1495 View Post
    Potentially dumb question but its 1000 bullets for 135$?
    That's what it looks like. It's only projectiles tho obv.
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    Stupid question, I've been looking into Toro Ballistics, can't seem to find a web page for them? Want to find out reviews and also load data.

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