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Thread: Zhukov to Picatinny/1913 Adapter to be for sale?

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    Zhukov to Picatinny/1913 Adapter to be for sale?

    Will the Shooting Edge be selling the Zhukov to Picatinny/1913 adapter used on the Zhukov edition of the RS18 as a separate item? There are those who may want to buy it paired with a Zhukov stock for the RS18 at a later date after purchasing the buffer tube version first, those who already have a Zhukov to add to the RS18 on purchase. People who want to add a Zhukov to other firearms with 1913 stock rails, like Americans who may buy it for their 1913 lowers for the BRN-180, may also be interested. For those who may use it with a buffer tube socket to Picatinny/1913 adapter for otherwise buffer-spring less firearms, the Shooting Edge could also order some AR/MCX Adapters from forum sponsor distributor the Gravel Agency to pair for sale with the 1913 Zhukov adapter, .

    Priority should of course go to making the adapter for TSE/Sterling's own RS18 complete rifles, but making the adapter available as an addition would be a useful to the community in general. Just a suggestion.
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