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Thread: A HUGE Thank you to John

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    Donation sent.

    Wolverine, maybe add a sticky with links to your legal fund?
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    Support safe firearms ownership in Canada! Donate to legal challenges to the OIC and join the CCFR. Write or call your MP, Bill Blair, or the PM. Take a Mapleseed course with a novice or take a friend to the range.

    For sales on the EE, shipping to the majors included, payment by EMT, extra insurance at buyers discretion and expense. No trades unless mentioned in ad.

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    Maybe we need to start having corny adds like :

    "For the price of two trigger pulls at a target at your favourite range, you can support all legal firearm owners in Canada with the legal and political challenges."

    .... or somesuch.

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    Another Donation made!
    Canadian Undead Neutralization Team
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