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Thread: Giveaway- What do you think is the most important thing about a flashlight?

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    Dec 2013
    Definitely runtime is important. Really like the usb charging as well.

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    I don't have an olight but some other brands.

    Every LED light with digital controlled switches needed to be turned on and cycled through to get to certain mode. I cannot turn a light on at "low setting" after it was turned off at "high setting" prior. Instead, it needs to be turned on at the setting it was turned off and cycled through.

    Same with some of the light and laser pointers outthere using digital controls. They need to be turned on to be cycled through light, light + laser or laser only. So if I am in a situation. I have to turn on the unit and press some button combo to make a mode switch, in the mean time while I am doing this I have to cover my light or jam the unit to the wall to cover up my signature. Or if I was using my light at low setting for reading stuff before having it turned off, I will have to turn it on and cycle through to high if I am using it for other purpose - no more surprise. Clever design on the computer with the circuit board but obviously the designer doesn't use these things in practical scenarios.

    You see there is a problem here in many practical scenarios, and you kinda notice that surefire doesn't have millions of settings and use digital control switches. I can grab it and turn it on at low or high.

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    Run time is key. If it doesnt last, I'm gonna pass!
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    Others have dual switches just for that reason.

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    When I look for a flashlight I look for a couple specific features. The first is how bright it is. There is nothing worse than buying a light that doesn't throw enough light. As a tradesman I usually end up in places that are dark or have no power, so ample light is needed to see in order to complete the job at hand. The next important feature is the battery and battery power. There's nothing worse than running out of juice, especially because sometimes a guy forgets to charge or replace the battery after use. The last thing is the size and shape. Nobody wants to lug around a giant flashlight with a massive battery in an already heavy tool box. So if I can have a light that gives me the brightness of a flood like, but is compact like the Warrior 3 O-Light, them I'm all in.

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    For me in order;
    1. Lumens
    2. Battery Life
    3. Appearance
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    Like electric car drivers would have concerns on the battery performance, I would rank RUNTIME is as number one.

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    First and foremost it needs to be durable. I want a light that I can leave out in the rain all weekend and then run it over with a truck before flicking it on with complete confidence. After that would come runtime. Needs to be 12+ hours of use. Lastly the ease of charging is a consideration. A magnetic charging connection that doesn’t require any little ports for a charging cord to plug in is choice.

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    1. Size/ease of carry
    2. Output/lumens
    3. Runtime

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    No More Batteries! Just charge it by USB and GO!!!
    That being said, a full charge should last at least a week.

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