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Thread: Giveaway- What do you think is the most important thing about a flashlight?

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    Business Member Olight Vicky's Avatar
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    Mar 2021

    Giveaway- What do you think is the most important thing about a flashlight?

    For me:
    1. Runtime
    2. Output/lumens
    3. Appearance

    How about you? Please leave your thought below to enter this giveaway. Then you will have a chance to win a Warrior 3 Black, which is:

    ● Its cool white LED, paired with the TIR optic lens, delivers up to 2,300-lumen high output to reach far into the darkness to light up any environment
    ● Features up to 55-day runtime make this the perfect tactical light for hiking, camping, self-defense, and law enforcement with its exceptional performance!
    ● 4-level battery and brightness level indicators around the side switch to get a real-time lumen and battery level reminder at a glance

    The giveaway will be turned off at 8 PM on November 24 EST. And the winner will be drawn randomly on November 25th. Good luck to all participants!

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    CGN5: Get CA$5 Off when you spend over CA$59
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    Truly thanks to everyone who joined the giveaway event!! This made me hear a lot of your thoughts.

    Congratulations to #27 Ribstaylor! He is the winner of Warrior 3 Black!
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    CGN Regular brendanlfk's Avatar
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    I’m in!

    1. Form factor, it needs to feel natural in my hand.
    2. Strong build quality.
    3. Smooth and distinctive on/off switch

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    Jan 2018
    One of the top things I look for is carryability. It has to be comfortable when your sporting it around every day, and not feel awkward or uncomfortable in different positions (standing, sitting, leaning, etc). I would sacrifice runtime and lumens, to a certain point, for a nice feeling and fitting style. If I need something with super long runtime or to light up a field like daylight then I consider that a special use light and don't mind it being a bit of a hassle to carry.

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    Feb 2018
    1. Reliability 2. Durability 3. Performance

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    Member 604Gil's Avatar
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    Nov 2017
    1. Runtime
    2. Durability
    3. Functionality

    Thank you
    CCFR member

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    Super GunNutz
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    Nov 2014
    1. Runtime. It took 6 hours in the dark to pull out a buck last week!
    2. Output/lumens. Has to be bright enough to see what you're doing/where you're going.
    3. Carry options. Would like something you could carry in your hand and strap to your head as a lamp or your equipment.

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    Aug 2019
    Durability and Flexibility

    I run a nitecore mt21c and another guy at my work uses the milwaukee 2113-21

    Don't see anything similar on your site

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    Dec 2011
    Vancouver BC
    Useful controls and good ergonomics, output (multi level, not just maximum), and runtime for me.

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    Nov 2019
    Rural Alberta
    1. Luminescence
    2. Durability
    3. Runtime

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    Super GunNutz nitroxace's Avatar
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    Feb 2020
    Port Perry, Ontario
    For me:
    1- Lumens - at least 2 levels - bright and dim.
    2- Runtime
    3- Appearance does not matter to me as long as it is functional for the job.

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