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Thread: CALL of DUTY Kenosha 2020 Champion magazine on sale 12.99USD

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedEclipze View Post
    MODS This thread is a perfect example of hate filled vitriol and should be closed for comments. The business wants to sell their product? Fine, but these comments are ridiculous. Lock it down already, this is a business transaction not a subletting for personal thoughts and feelings.

    Policy for Harassment Using CGN Resources:

    Harassment using CGN resources is strictly prohibited. Harassment is defined as offensive, threatening, persistent or disturbing language and/or remark with the aim to target, insult, bully, humiliate, damage, cause loss and/or intimidate the recipient of the intended message through either private messaging or posting in the forums. This includes, and not limited to, the use of threats, swearing, slurs, slangs and/or any specific information of an individual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timandkimandshea View Post
    Right or wrong, total newbies dont get to lecture or dictate. Get over yourself.
    Nice Ad Hominem ... based on that, your opinion doesn't count either because you're a newb compared to me.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by crossroads45 View Post
    Using Rittenhouse's image without proper authorization will put these guys on the Rittenhouse legal teams radar.
    He has much bigger fish to fry....
    It's not about money.... It's about sending a message...
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    That’s bullsh*t
    A guy that has several years, 1000 posts and a shinier trader rating than yourself scarcely qualifies as a newbie, compared to brand new guy who starts out trolling right out the gate, don’t be an idiot

    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldog View Post
    Nice Ad Hominem ... based on that, your opinion doesn't count either because you're a newb compared to me.....
    Punish only he who has committed the crime

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    Quote Originally Posted by CosmiC10R View Post
    He has much bigger fish to fry....
    All the pennies ad up.

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    Please take discussion irrelevant to the product itself to the OT.

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