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Thread: Pant Sale

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    Pant Sale

    Recently Canada Ammo had a sale on tactical pants. 5 pairs for $100. I figured for that price it was worth a gamble. Well I got them to day and first impression is GREAT. They look well built. I haven't tried them on for size yet and I will let people know once I do.

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    I've been looking at them for a while I've been very curious how they fit compared to a "loose fit" work pant
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    I was going to write a review for mine, but, working 7/7 killed that idea.

    Well made. Size is identical to what I wear in jeans so they fit perfect. Stiching is excellent. Styling is nice, they're nicer than the cargo pants you see at Marks and other places.

    Material is nice for those who roll OG/commando. Got 4 pairs but regret not getting 5 or 6.

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    The pant sale still on??
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    i have 2 pairs. i would def recommend a length size shorter than you normally wear. they are looong
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    I bought 10 pairs, love em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mightymoose410 View Post
    I've been looking at them for a while I've been very curious how they fit compared to a "loose fit" work pant
    I honestly like everything about the pants with one exception. On the good they're super comfy, true to size vs jeans, maybe even slightly looser than my jeans, so you can go by the waist size they list. Lots of pockets, knees are reinforced, material is super durable.

    My big gripe is that the crotch is way too long. It feels like it's halfway down my thigh sometimes and if i wear them hunting and have to step up over something it really makes it tough when the crotch being soo low is limiting how far i can lift my leg without either hiking them way up or putting way more effort into it than i should have to. It also tends to put the reinforced knee slightly lower than where it should be for my knee to hit it.

    This could just be me and you might find they fit you differently, but they're pretty well relegated to walking the dog and wearing around town, instead of out in the wood where they'd be perfect if not for the saggy crotch.

    I got mine quite a few years ago, if someone who got more recent pairs could measure, are the crotches still that long? When i lay them flat i get
    around 15" from top of the waist to bottom of the crotch.

    Quote Originally Posted by maifire View Post
    i have 2 pairs. i would def recommend a length size shorter than you normally wear. they are looong
    +1, usually wear a 33-34" inseam pant, the 34" on these pants were too long, the 32" were perfect

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    Is that sale still going on?

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    I emailed them to ask but they didn’t reply

    The discount is not applied until the order is placed
    I don’t want to place my order to find out the discount is over
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    I just checked their site and it looks like they are now at 29.99 per pair.

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