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Thread: TNA Shout Out

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    TNA Shout Out

    About a month or so ago had the Armalite 180b apart for some machining on the handguard and general inspection and cleaning. Went to reasemble a week or two later and discovered I had lost the firing pin retaining pin which I now suspect is resting confortably in a vacuum bag in some dump in Michigan. Started calling around for a spare or two and the story from all is your never going to get that part acrosss the border with the current state were in. Called the supplier I bought the rifle and other parts from and never heard back from them after waiting for a week as requested.
    Gave TNA a call for the first time and explained the situation and asked them if they thought a firing pin retainer pin out of the newer 180 style rifle or a AR would possibly work and they said wait a minute our gunsmith has an Armalite and he disassembled his rifle and bolt to inspect the retainer pin and suggested and sent me the newer style cotter pin used in these newer rifles to try. Got the pin fast, cheap and some swag thrown in. Installed the pin and bolt in rifle and fired off five rounds to test and all seemed good.
    A week later installed a new scope and sighted in and at about 25 rounds no bang and discovered the firing pin had jumped out of the back of the bolt. Disassembled and inspected and found the cotter pin style retainer is too small in diameter when turned 90* on the bore/axis of its hole and I guess I lucked out when I first installed it then during firing more it rotated then let the firing pin jump by it and slide out the back of the bolt.
    Called Dave at TNA and explained the situation and they offered to have their gunsmith machine me a new one identical to the one in his rifle for 15 bucks which was very reasonable. Ordered it and another part and received it in in a week with regular shipping and found my new pin and nicely blued with a couple spare other minor parts along with a bonus free .223 bore snake and I actually needed a new one! These guys are awesome, excellent communication and definitely came through on what was promised and their service couldnt be any better especially over such a minor sale although an important one to me. Cannot wait to meet and purchase in person. If you haven't given them a try I suggest you do. ----Dieseldog!
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    Good to know - TNA are always pleasure to shop with!
    I lost my pin too and had to machine a replacement. Then found an original on the floor, weeks after

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