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Thread: Black Friday is now over...... I want your thoughts.

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    Have never bought any gun related stuff on Black Friday sales, BUT.....Canadian Tire has Smoking Good deals on tools, welders, pots, pans ect
    some stuff %50 OFF
    I spend BIG !!!
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    As an former owner of a Sears Dealer Store, I share your sentiment 100% People get silly this time of year and this covid crap has just added to that stress.
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    I'm at the point in my firearms ownership where everything I want is at the upper price bracket where If you have to expect a discount you probably shouldn't be buying it or its a very specific niche item that isn't likely to go on sale. Combined with the fact coof has slowed the incoming financials, so. I am really now only interested in higher end kit. The higher end stuff isn't on sale nor do I expect it to be. However your sale was very tempting, but I needed a new washer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevino86 View Post
    A luxury sure, but the places that offer it will get more business plain and simple.
    its not possible to ship ammo for free anymore. reality sucks but your attitude is the only thing thats bs
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    I buy ammo when on sale at Cabela's with free shipping. I bought 1000 rounds of Barnual 7.62x39 at 10 bucks a box shipped for free.

    I also like buying from Onatrio or AB to save an additonal 7% just on taxes. Here in MB the taxes are 7% pst.

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    The 'fun' of crazy deals had already pre-evaporated and my expectations of all retailers was low. Due mainly to supply disruptions, shortages, etc a consumer simply can't expect much anymore. I don't blame the retailer at all. Not one bit. It's just the cards that have been dealt. Nice to see an effort was made by many but honestly, as a consumer I didn't expect a whole lot.
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    I first heard of Black Friday when I was living in the USA 20 years ago. I heard the stories, saw the news footage, and never, ever went anywhere near a mall on the designated day.

    Then I came back to Canada and have become dismayed as the concept has steadily crept into our market.

    I have never bought anything at Black Friday sale, either in person or online. If Bieber "music", McDonalds "food" and socialist policies have taught me anything, it's that anything popular with the masses is best avoided.

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    This would be a good reddit question. That way you would get ranked results to your question, then knowing what is most desirable to your target audience. I am in no way affiliated with reddit btw, haha.

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    I found a good .308 bolt action for roughly 30% off and it made me happy. I wouldn’t go out into retail on the day though. It’s too crazy and not worth it. I was able to purchase online.

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