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Thread: Black Friday is now over...... I want your thoughts.

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    Clean up was done on this thread.....

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    I have a wish list and during Black Friday I try to make myself happy (one way or another). I shop around and balance my purchases against my children’s college fund or my retirement savings. I usually walk away with something and then celebrate with my wife, yelling until my ears bleed. Sure she throws some things at me and they break/dent; but hey! it’s Black Friday and I can repurchase those things on sale. This has now become a tradition and I am not one to disappoint another’s expectations. It’s such a wonderful time of year!

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    As a consumer, black Friday is a good time to get those "wants" at a lower price, when we know we don't actually need them.

    I will admit, I never seen wolverines black Friday sales
    But for instance, I find myself looking at Cabela's flyer, and be tempted by .22 lr ammo. I don't need any, but it could be fun. Maybe when I get more time to relax, I might go plinking. Then reality sets in, my 6 year old will want to try, it's too cold out, I haven't prepped for winter, and Christmas is around the corner, and I'd have to drive 30 minutes to save 12$ on bulk .22 ammo that I already have.

    Other examples were personal propane heaters, cheap red dots, 7.62x51, shotgun shells, etc.

    Only ONCE did I wait a couple months for a sale, and it didn't disappoint. As a new RPAL holder, I waited, and got a dominion arms grizzly 12 gauge, a dominion arms 1911 clone, 500 rounds of 45acp ammo, and a gun case for UNDER 500$ shipped.

    Today, ammo alone is 300$.

    I also tend to agree, the last 2 years have made for many bad days. Personally, I ordered a kids snowmobile in March, put down payment, and was guaranteed delivery before snow falls. I got a call 3 weeks before Christmas, the snowmobile order is being cancelled due to parts shortage.

    I'm not upset about things out of their control, but I'm mighty pissed they waited for 8 months on my 500$, and never reached out to me. I had to call them.

    So yeah, on that day, anyone I came I to contact with may have sensed I was pissed at the world.

    Pretty sure I didn't disrespect anyone though.

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