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Thread: Black Friday is now over...... I want your thoughts.

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    I don't bother with Black Friday sales in the firearm industry. Like others have mentioned they never seem to be as extreme as sales in other retail areas. That being said I usually do my Christmas shopping on Black Friday for my family for other things such as electronics. For example Apple who never does sales had good offers such as gift cards on purchases which I took advantage of.

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    Last years sales were better. Hardly any good firearms sales.

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    I'd be up for a Black Rifle Friday sale, any day of the week for that matter.

    Seeing as this might be the last gasp to buy and store NR black semis for the near/foreseeable future, I think it's incumbent on everyone in the culture to get themselves squared away (so to speak).

    Take the wk180 or wsmcr for example. I'm trying to figure out how to juggle buying 2 or 3 more while we're still able to. If you guys think that the scumbags in charge aren't going to drop a surprise addition to the ban list (sooner than you think) then I've got a bridge to sell you.
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    I had a few things I was eyeing. Mostly thing that I've been checking out in the last few months (things I've spotted as needing improvement in my hunting accessories, etc). I just did my usual price check and saw that a few things were advantageous to purchase, with a -30% off and free shipping (these were heavy/bulky items). Mostly camping/hunting from big hunting store. I've checked their offering for ammo, but the stuff I want just isn't available at the moment.

    Hope that answers your question!

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    As a Canadian, I always looked forward to boxing day. With the internet, I would have imagined it would pick up in popularity, but black Friday seems to have detailed it.
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    I was shopping for a Steiner Predator 4 rifle scope and Cabela’s had the 4-16x50 for $999. That’s the lowest price I found. There is also a manufacturer promotion to have free rings by posting a card, but I think this spans over several months.

    I was actually surprised by the sales this year (some shops having 10-15% off for optics, free shipping, clothes/equipment up to 30% off, etc.)

    Waiting for sales in itself can be quite rewarding I find. You get to chose what you want, wait for it and save money. Some people become crazy and buy useless stuff or cause stampede, but there is a way to benefit from sales intelligently if you know what you are looking for (e.g. I know Canadian Tire has good sales on Summer tires around Spring, so why spend 20% more cash now?).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendell View Post
    I assume that most consumers assume that most retailers are still making money even at the 'sale' prices.

    Am I wrong?
    Yes and no, loss leaders exist to draw people in BUT the name of the game is "Don't loose money" .You start adding these things up and what it truly costs you to do business...... any discounts hurt. Most sales that I have seen this past week either people are only making a few bucks or calling it even and moving product but are no further ahead after its all over aside from customer relations. Financially the sale doesn't garner growth but you may or may not have had a new consumer.... BUT said consumer most likely is a sale shopper only, regardless of your business, your customer service or your mission statement. Saw something cheap, bought it, and may never come back. However that doesn't mean every shopper.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kezh1729 View Post
    From my understanding, for 50% of my shooting supplies I buy it on Black Friday, I can save about 20-30% by just doing that, MDT had an amazing sell though, I'll give them that.
    I'm glad someone mentioned something like this, MDT is a great example! MDT is an excellent manufacturer of stellar products whom sells direct to consumer, and also distributes products to retailers. As the manufacturer it allows them to have a larger sale direct to consumer like your example of 20-30% off... However when something like this occurs, being a reseller of the products, it becomes that much more difficult to stock it.. Why let it sit on my shelves when it comes on sale from where I buy it potentially lower than what I bought it for?

    Quote Originally Posted by drift1122 View Post
    I always thought black friday was a way to move old stock.
    In this business if its old stock no one wants it.... regardless of the price. Hence why its old Generally old stock becomes a loss at some point. ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Conquest66 View Post
    In years past I spent thousands at the wolverine black Friday sale (hope you guys remember me i bought up all your sks), this year zero, waiting for some deals to come back.
    Dirt cheap surplus.... gotcha will let ya know.. Don't hold your breath.

    Quote Originally Posted by GunnerTech View Post
    If one retailer runs sales, well guess what, that forces the others to as well or else they won't get any business. I take it that's why MAP pricing exists. If a consumer knows that item will never go on sale, or the price is what it is, then of course they'll buy it at any given time.

    That's just my take on it. As for me, I rarely buy anything at full retail price anymore as I know a sale or coupon code is right around the corner.
    Your statement is factual and correct..... if sales are constantly running on non-controlled items then why ever pay retail ( non-sale ) if you aren't in a hurry or have the chance to look around right? Couple reasons why you would, service, support, and that jazz. If you care at all about whom you support or what/where your buying than this is irrelevant.

    As well a lot of places have price match as well, but someone constantly having it on sale basically just drives the price down for everyone... said it before and I'll say it again. Profit aint a bad word... constant sales devalues products.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tudenom View Post

    Also, I’m curious if 5-10% discounts draws in the type of shopper who’s rude and demanding?

    I mean, when something I want at Canadian Tire is on sale for %40 off then I’m likely to bite. If I’ve decided to buy something then I might go to the place where the product is 15% off to beat the taxes.
    5-10% discounts generally get the most complaints yes ..
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    It seems to me that once the inversion (in consumer spending) took place, the value (to the economy) provided by the 'Black Friday sales' phenomenon disappeared, a victim of it's own success.
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    The only thing I would have wanted this year was ammo, but I refuse out of principal to pay for the US Election/Covid exploitative prices by US Factories and US & Canadian importers/exporters.
    I'll straight up stop shooting if I have to until things unf*ck themselves.

    So sales were pretty insufficient across the board for the items I had in mind.
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    Black Friday is a weird one now. like lots of people have said; its not as special as it was 5-10 years ago when it was a one day massive sale where we could get months on enjoyment from youtube videos from "wal-mart people". Now its a week before and week after sale and seems to be pretty watered down.

    Especially in this industry, in this weird time i found black friday a little lack-luster. One company i deal with locally had a nice big sale on stuff i wanted (surefire lights) but didn't bite, just wasn't in the toy budget yet. other than that, not a whole lot that i wanted at a price that really caught my eye and made me impulse buy.

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