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Thread: Kynoch Collectible ammo and boxes

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    Kynoch Collectible ammo and boxes

    Collectible ammo and boxes.
    I have accumulated these over the years, some came with me from the UK, some I picked up in the US, when it was still legal in fly home with it in your suitcase. Some has come to me in gun collections or at gun shows. I don’t have a cost with each box, so I am open to offers. Shipping will be expensive for the live ammo. No tax as private sale.

    Kynoch .375 Flanged 5 rd box containing 3 x SN and 2 empty cases
    Kynoch .475 No. 2 5 ds of SN 500 gr
    Kynoch 9mm Mauser 10 rds Soft Nose 245 gr
    Kynoch .450/.400 x 3 2 rds metal covered solid 400 gr The end flap is not attached.
    Kynoch .30/30 Winchester (7.62 x 51R) Empty box with missing end flap
    Rigby .275 (7 x 57) 10 rd box contains 9 rds SP End flap is torn
    Gallery practice .303 10 rds paper package
    Kynoch .400/.350 3 box x 10 rd solid 310 gr 1 box contains 5 rds and 5 empties.
    W J Jeffery .475 No. 2 Two box x 10 rds Solid 500 gr. One box has damage to lid
    Kynoch .38 Automatic Pistol 25 rd box 4 live rds solid 130 gr and 15 Empties
    Kynoch .401 Winchester Self Loading 20 rds SN 200 gr both end flaps missing
    Nazi marked 8mm Two x 5 rd chargers
    Kynoch 7.63mm (.30) Mauser 1 box x 20 and I box x 15 FMJ 85 gr. Sadly the chargers are missing.
    Mystery box! Blue box of 9mm box is sealed and I can’t remember the story behind this one.

    Open to offers, no tax, plus shipping. PAL required for ammo purchase. For mor info please contact

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