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Thread: Firearms orders and shipping times - you're taken care of!

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    Firearms orders and shipping times - you're taken care of!

    Thank you for the many, many orders!

    All orders placed to date are on the shipping dock. New orders placed by up to 7pm PST will still make our local depot cutoff.

    Web orders are faster to process than manual phone orders, so where possible please use our webstore at

    We have you covered!

    Omer Hrbinic
    Tell: 1 (250) 747-1621
    Cell: 1 (250) 991-1406

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    Thank you! I've been trying to find the item I ordered for a while using a few other methods (but trying to stick to CGN sponsors) but it showed two in stock as of a couple minutes ago. And it was $20 cheaper than everywhere else! It's not even a panic buy, it was a planned purchase, but it's nice to have one last one without these bogus new regulations.

    I'll grab the scope later this summer (think VX5HD or Razor LHT for this one). Thanks again!

    EDIT: 12 minutes from order to shipping notification. How much coffee does it take t manage that?
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